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Police Credit Union

17-23 Carrington Street, Adelaide 5000

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  • Financial services
Police Credit Union aims to deliver better banking services to all South Australians.

Why Police Credit Union is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Police Credit Union is committed to providing emergency services and the local community with banking products. To them, being a leader in banking and the community means taking responsibility for improving environmental impacts to return value to members and the State. They believe everyone can help to achieve a low carbon economy, reduce environmental pollution and make improvements to public health.

Police Credit Union stands behind Carbon Neutral Adelaide because they want to be part of a better South Australia. Their community commitment includes working to remain carbon neutral as a business and encouraging members to understand what they can also do to help deliver economic, social and environmental benefits. They have an ethos to support sustainable economic growth, creation of green jobs, development of clean, smart technologies and encouragement of innovation in business.

What Police Credit Union is doing to reduce carbon emissions

Police Credit Union became voluntarily carbon neutral in 2018, two years earlier than planned. This was one part of a commitment to reducing their environmental impact. Since 2008, they have offset 2,540 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere, accounting for major sources of carbon emissions in their business. They also implemented a series of changes including replacing all incandescent bulbs with energy efficient LED lights with in-built motion sensors to minimise energy wastage, purchasing carbon offsets for the kilometres flown by staff and moving their members to online statements. 

Moving to online statements alone resulted in 12,500 less statements being printed monthly, over 200 trees being saved a year and an annual reduction in paper consumption of over 3,100 reams. In 2020, they joined the Adopt a Road roadside clean up program, and are developing products to help members offset their own vehicle emissions or reduce environmental impacts with Solar Eco Loans.

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