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352-356 Richmond Rd, Netley, SA 5037

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  • Waste solutions and circular economy
Peakfresh manufacture modified atmosphere packaging for the fruit, vegetable and flower industries, and compostable bio-plastic bags from their facility in Adelaide.

Why Peakfresh is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Peakfresh are proud to support Carbon Neutral Adelaide as they recognise businesses need to be more conscious of the impacts their actions have on the environment. As representatives of the manufacturing sector, Peakfresh recognise the need to reduce their carbon footprint and make their processes carbon neutral.

What Peakfresh is doing to reduce carbon emissions

Peakfresh have implemented several strategies to reduce their carbon footprint, including installing solar panels which account for 40% of all energy needs on site, and the installation of LED lighting in the factory and warehouse.

Operational waste is also segregated and recycled accordingly on site, and in 2020 a granulating machine was commissioned to allow Peakfresh to recycle plastic waste being generated from production, which eliminates transport costs and environmental issues associated with removing plastic from site.

With the demand for plastic alternatives growing, Peakfresh has seen an exponential growth in the amount of compostable film they are manufacturing. In 2019 they were involved in the development of a world first compostable cucumber wrap for the fruit and vegetable industry. Manufacturing of compostable film uses less energy as the melting point of compostable film is lower than traditional polyethylene and when the product is disposed of correctly in organic waste, it helps to reduce emissions from organic waste in landfill.

Peakfresh will continue to plan and implement strategies to become carbon neutral.

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