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OzHarvest are committed to reducing carbon emissions by diverting surplus food from landfill and delivering it to charitable agencies who feed people in need.

Why OzHarvest SA is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

OzHarvest are committed to reducing carbon emissions by diverting surplus food from landfill and delivering it to charitable agencies who feed people in need. Food waste is a $20 billion problem for the Australian economy with more than 4 million tonnes wasted every year. Up to one third of all food during production goes to waste whilst in our homes we are putting 1 in 5 shopping bags in the bin.

When food breaks down in landfill it emits methane gas which is 25 times more harmful than carbon dioxide, not to mention the land, water, energy and human resources which are also wasted when food is not consumed. This negative environmental impact is critical to the future of the food supply chain and currently 3 million Australians are living in poverty. OzHarvest is passionate about making a significant positive environmental and social impact and are very proud to join Carbon Neutral Adelaide in their vision.

What OzHarvest SA is doing to reduce carbon emissions

OzHarvest are a not-for-profit, for-impact organisation that rescue surplus food that would otherwise go to waste from restaurants, retailers, food outlets and corporate kitchens, and deliver this good food at no cost to charitable agencies who feed vulnerable men, women and children in need.

Their purpose is to Nourish Our Country and they fulfil their purpose through four pillars:

  1. Rescue - excess food and deliver it to those in need
  2. Educate - communities vulnerable and non-vulnerable alike
  3. Engage - with the corporate sector, communities, and individuals
  4. Innovate - BIG ideas

OzHarvest were founded in November 2004 to address two fundamental challenges in society - the staggering waste of quality excess food and the growing need for food relief for vulnerable people. Since inception, OzHarvest has expanded nationally. OzHarvest SA have been operating for over 6 years, and have made a tremendous impact in the community. Since their inception they have rescued and diverted over 2 million tonnes of quality excess food from going to landfill which is the equivalent of over 6.5 million meals. Each month across Adelaide they collect 50 tonnes of good food which would otherwise go to waste and deliver it to more than 130 charitable organisations who feed people in need. OzHarvest also educate the wider community and industry about the impacts of food waste on the environment through education and engagement programs and events including NEST, Nourish, Cooking for a Cause, Think.Eat.Save and the Great Food Rescue Race.

Visit the OzHarvest website.

Case Studies

Carbon Neutral Adelaide combat food waste with OzHarvest

September 2017. Carbon Neutral Adelaide are excited to sponsor OzHarvest’s Great Food Rescue Race on 3 November!

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