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Orbitel Technologies

614a Marion Road Park Holme SA 5043,

    Service Category:

  • Marketing, communications and digital
  • Technology, IT and Audiovisual
Orbitel provides IT services, business phone systems, business grade internet and network management to local Adelaide businesses.

Why Orbitel Technologies is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Every business involves digital processes in one form or another in order to meet the specific individual needs of an enterprise. Orbitel Technologies believes sustainable IT can play a central part in a low carbon economy and moving the world to a more resilient and sustainable future.

In the IT sector, sustainable software architecture means the transition away from server based software to cloud, which can reduce the electricity used bu on-premises data centres, which require a constant power supply and a cooling systems.

What Orbitel Technologies is doing to reduce carbon emissions

Orbitel Technologies takes a range of actions to reduce the impact of their operations, including improving employee awareness of device utilisation and sustainability, and encouraging proper disposal, recycling and refurbishment of hardware.

Their facilities use smart switches with timed and remote control, and motion sensors for energy efficiency. Smart power strips determine which tools that are plugged in are actually in use, and only send power to those items. The business promotes and purchases computers that are rated for energy efficiency and encourages use of share printers to minimise printing. Staff are enabled to have work from home days that reduce transport emissions. The business has moved from on-premises infrastructure to cloud computing which also offers significant energy savings. At the office they have implemented the Bin Shift program to minimise a waste to landfill.

Orbitel Technologies aims to achieve sustainable I.T., giving organisations an informed strategy, engage employees and leadership, and provide sustainable software architecture suggestions. Orbitel partners with Trees for Life SA to recreate biodiverse habitat for native wildlife. They offset hardware sales by planting local, native tree seedlings for each new client at a specific habitat that they can monitor and become involved if they wish.

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