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Off-Grid Energy Australia

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​Off-Grid Energy Australia is a nationally accredited and trusted provider of battery storage systems for both grid connected and off the grid applications.

Why Off-Grid Energy Australia is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Off-Grid Energy Australia is a nationally accredited and trusted provider of battery storage systems for both grid connected and off the grid applications. With expertise ranging from small domestic applications through to larger residential and commercial renewable energy storage projects, Off-Grid Energy Australia is dedicated to advancing progressive, renewable technologies for the betterment of Australian society. Sharing Carbon Neutral Adelaide’s commitment to decarbonising the community and economy, Off-Grid Energy Australia believes renewable energy plays a significant role in this evolution. Renewable energy and sustainable practices are central to Off-Grid Energy Australia’s business strategy, helping to direct everything from the way energy is used and sourced, the selection of partners and suppliers, through to what products and solutions are planned for the future.

What Off-Grid Energy Australia is doing to reduce carbon emissions

The products and services Off-Grid Energy Australia provides help to replace the need for diesel-powered generators or grid supplied power, reducing the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere. The preassembly and installation of Off-Grid Energy’s products does not require significant amounts of water or electricity and produces minimal waste. The systems also reduce and in some cases eliminate the need for the transportation of fossil fuels to remote areas - an added environmental benefit.

Sustainable decision-making extends to every part of the value chain. Supporters of Carbon Neutral’s Biodiverse Reforestation projects, Off-Grid Energy has offset the carbon emissions created during every single installation nationally since 2012 – equating to around 1,400 trees! This partnership is helping Carbon Neutral to develop the largest biodiverse reforestation carbon sink in Australia, which in turn is helping to reduce carbon emissions, salinity and erosion, and providing habitat for endangered flora and fauna.

Off-Grid Energy takes pride in ‘practicing what it preaches’, believing that being a sustainable power provider means leading by example with an environmental footprint that is reduced as much as possible. Office sustainability measures include:

  • utilising natural light where possible
  • installation of an air ventilation system to improve air flow throughout the office
  • emphasis on using digital information over paper and reducing printed paperwork
  • purchase of 100% green power
  • separate bins for recycling of cans/bottles, scrap aluminium and scrap cable
  • hiring a rubbish collection company that sorts and recycles what it collects and provides a report of each waste form percentage
  • increasing insulation in office walls and ceiling to reduce heating/cooling losses.

Visit the Off-Grid Energy Australia website.

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