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Northern Edge Studio

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  • Architecture, design, landscaping, construction
Northern Edge Studio is a team of architects, interior architects and designers dedicated to creating beautiful, individual and bespoke spaces that provide sustainable, sophisticated homes for their clients

Why Northern Edge Studio is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Northern Edge Studio intends to create buildings that are better for the environment. The studio seeks to design spaces that reduce negative impact on the environment and make changes for a better future. The architects and designers provide advice on how we can reach and surpass industry standards when it comes to creating environmentally friendly buildings. They aim to advocate and be a voice when it comes to sustainable design.

What Northern Edge Studio is doing to reduce carbon emissions

Northern Edge Studio members are proudly Passive House accredited designers, with a keen interest in the upgrade of existing buildings to improve energy efficiency through the EnerPHit pathway. Design solutions to reduce the building footprint is at the core of what they do. The team uses knowledge in sustainable passive design in their building design and renovation work to save clients’ money over the building life.

The company has a sustainability action plan that spans the next seven years and steps through minimising carbon in their own studio, through to designing spaces that surpass performance standards. They also aim to promote sustainable design and raise awareness of clients, contractors and others within the design industry. The practice will be promoting a vision of a zero-emissions future on social platforms and to potential customers, allowing them to get involved with the process earlier.

Northern Edge Studio are implementing sustainable design practice including using local and renewable building materials, designing builds to reduce possibilities of thermal breaks, using natural light where possible, and creating buildings with a life cycle in mind, considering how can the building be utilised in the future or be recycled.

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