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Net Zero House

14/50 Whitmore Square, Adelaide 5000

    Service Category:

  • Architecture, design, landscaping, construction
  • Building and civic products
  • Sustainability and carbon consultancy
Low and zero carbon building design and consultancy, using considered energy efficiency principles, low embodied carbon material selection, and solar power generation.

Why Net Zero House is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Net Zero House believes that sustainable building design should not be limited to the standout minority of design projects – it should be the norm. They strive to deliver sustainability in a way that is accessible, as simple as possible, and easy to adopt for all.

Buildings contribute up to 30% of global carbon emissions, and there is huge room for improvement. The company acknowledges system wide change is needed to reach a target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050, nationally.

Net Zero House aligns fully with the goals of Carbon Neutral Adelaide to create more liveable, innovative cities that are future-proof and sustainable.

What Net Zero House is doing to reduce carbon emissions

Net Zero House is a building design & consultancy company based in Adelaide, founded on the core values of sustainability, innovation, and accessibility. It aims to bring low-carbon homes to the forefront of the building industry, by making sustainable design a simple process to follow. The company claims that materials selection and energy efficient design can reduce a house's total carbon footprint by up to 60% or more. In some cases, the remainder can even be offset using renewable energy – resulting in a truly net-zero house.

Through applying principles of building sciences, energy efficient design, and knowledge of embodied carbon, Net Zero House seeks to minimise the environmental impact of a building, while providing a comfortable, creative space tailored to the clients’ needs and lifestyles.

They also provide consultancy on energy efficiency and embodied carbon to other design and construction professionals in the effort to reduce the carbon emissions of buildings. Their services include embodied carbon calculations, Passive House energy modelling, and advice on optimising designs.

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