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Contact is South Australia’s zero-emission car service, offering fast booking and fixed fares for your ride to work or the airport, for tours and special events.

Why myCar is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

myCar is a founding partner of Carbon Neutral Adelaide. It supports the transition to sustainable energy by using the safest electric cars on the road, helping to reduce transport emissions. 

myCar invests in electric and autonomous vehicle research, further contributing to Adelaide becoming the world’s first carbon neutral city. For example, it is investigating an autonomous bus shuttle from the city to the airport with Easymile from France.

In partnership with Flinders University, myCar is exploring power regeneration involving the export of car battery power to the energy grid. Working with Gelco, myCar is also testing the use of car batteries to power the home.

What myCar is doing to reduce carbon emissions

myCar’s Tesla cars are 100% electric with no tailpipe emissions. The cars are charged at parking stations with their own solar panels, such as at the airport, and make use of the availability of renewable power in South Australia. Their smart charging technology and fleet of batteries on wheels will support greater use of renewable power.

Visit the myCar website.