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Lumen Studio

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  • Architecture, design, landscaping, construction
  • Building and civic products
  • Sustainability and carbon consultancy
Lumen Studio integrates sustainable principles from the inception of the architectural design process creating inherently beautiful and efficient sustainable design outcomes for new and existing buildings.

Why Lumen Studio is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

As one of the world’s most financially and resource rich nations, whilst also having the largest carbon footprint per capita in the world, Lumen Studio believes that Australia needs to lead by example.

To support this change, Lumen Studio seeks to make sustainability mainstream by integrating sustainable principles from the inception of the architectural design process instead of simply adding it at the end to meet the minimum standards, making sustainable design inherently beautiful and improving the sustainability performance of existing buildings.

Lumen Studio believes that the reduction of environmental impacts has become a partisan, politicised issue and that this makes it even more urgent for individuals and organisations to drive change and support positive action.

For all of these reasons, Lumen is proud to support Carbon Neutral Adelaide.

What Lumen Studio is doing to reduce carbon emissions

Lumen’s projects have sustainability and energy efficiency as key goals, whether new architectural designs or existing building reviews.

Lumen’s own office is based in North Adelaide. This central location was deliberately chosen to enable bicycle commuting and use of public transport for site visits. The modern building design has low energy requirements and has individual environmental controls available (blinds and large openable windows) meaning reduced need for artificial heating and cooling. Shaded glazing allows a lot of daylight and minimises artificial lighting.

Further improvements identified include switching to a renewable electrical tariff, replacement of fluorescent lighting tubes with LED and increasing waste recycling.

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