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Level 1, 108 King William Street, Adelaide SA 5000,

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  • Technology, IT and Audiovisual
Intervolve are providers of data centre services powered by renewable energy for government, enterprise and small business.

Why Intervolve is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

The Intervolve data centre provides government departments, enterprise and small businesses with managed computing facilities. Their data centre services enable customers to provide reliable and always-on IT systems to staff, customers and stakeholders. Intervolve strives to supply environmentally-friendly computing services to organisations in the City of Adelaide, powered by a significant installation of solar power. Their low-carbon approach provides an example to the IT sector and to other energy-intensive business services looking at low carbon options. By using the data centre, customers to relocate all their IT hardware to a facility for reliable power, security, with guaranteed uptime. With all the equipment under one roof, a data centre can ensure good environmental management and use of renewable energy sources for all their clients. It also reduces the power consumption at client premises as an on-site server room is not required.

What Intervolve is doing to reduce carbon emissions

A data centre facility houses a large amount of IT equipment which means it uses electricity to power equipment, lighting, cooling equipment and security systems. Intervolve has undertaken a large solar installation project working towards solar powered, eco-friendly services, while still providing continuous operation (uptime) for IT equipment for customers. The first phase of installation is expected to provide around 51% of the Pooraka facility’s daily average power consumption. The second phase of solar installation will provide around 86% of the facility’s daily average and is expected to be complete in mid-2020. Grid power, uninterruptible power supply and onsite generators are available to provide continuous power when required. In addition to the recent solar project, Intervolve supports an ongoing environmental policy. Initiatives include paper reduction, energy efficient lighting, low energy appliances, recycling and ongoing eco-aware culture.

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