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Fulton Hogan

Suite 4, Level 1, 1 London Road, Mile End 5031

    Service Category:

  • Architecture, design, landscaping, construction
Fulton Hogan works in partnership to develop and deliver innovative solutions that reduce both environmental impacts and the carbon footprint.

Why Fulton Hogan is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Fulton Hogan is committed to support Adelaide become the world’s first carbon neutral city, believing that by working together the environment can be protected and enhanced. With a guiding environmental principle to have a positive overall impact on the environment, Fulton Hogan seeks to minimise the environmental footprint of their projects through innovation, and by ensuring energy and resource efficient operations focused on reducing, reusing and recycling. As a business, Fulton Hogan demonstrates environmental leadership by caring about long term environmental impacts and pursuing innovative ways to improve environmental performance.

What Fulton Hogan is doing to reduce carbon emissions

Fulton Hogan works in partnership to develop and deliver innovative solutions that reduce both environmental impacts and the carbon footprint. Solutions offered for Adelaide’s road networks have included reclaimed asphalt from old roads being recycled into new road construction and a lower than standard carbon footprint asphalts. Fulton Hogan is also working on new projects that will further support a reduced carbon footprint for Adelaide City. Fulton Hogan’s manufacturing plants and laying operations hold environmental accreditation. Current targets include achieving:

  • consistent and verifiable carbon data management
  • assessing and providing transparent information about carbon footprint
  • developing a group carbon strategy to reduce emissions
  • operating in a manner which meets and where possible exceeds environmental compliance requirements
  • developing energy and waste reduction management plans
  • recycling initiatives
  • pioneering packaging solutions to reduce waste.

Fulton Hogan believes that innovation, challenging the norm and developing new products and systems will help support Adelaide in becoming carbon neutral.

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