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Fuller seeks to make a contribution to global sustainability by transforming our work practices and partnering with environmentally responsible clients.

Why Fuller Brand Communication is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Fuller Brand Communication is a marketing agency specialising in promoting South Australia’s educational and technology leadership, professional services, scientific innovation, wine and agricultural produce to the world. The agency strongly supports Carbon Neutral Adelaide not just because a clean, green environment is good for us, and our families, but also how it can maintain and differentiate our city and state internationally. According to a Nielsen study in 2015, more than 70% of Millennials choose brands based on their ethical credentials; and sustainability is now a significant part of decision-making for 66% of consumers. As a brand communications company, Fuller seeks to help our city and its environmentally innovative companies connect with their local, national and international customers and share their sustainability stories.

What Fuller Brand Communication is doing to reduce carbon emissions

Fuller seeks to make a contribution to global sustainability by transforming our work practices and partnering with environmentally responsible clients. The management and staff genuinely care about sustainability and the company is “walking the talk” by establishing in-house policies and systems that reduce waste; and by practicing simple daily office routines that cut energy costs. Fuller undertake a range of in-office sustainabilty actions: they have directed coffee grounds and food scraps to compost; reduced office water use by 30% in the last year by installing water limiting taps and drip irrigation in their native garden; installed filter taps to cut the use of disposable water bottles to zero; reduced electricity usage by 10% in the last year through the use of low energy lighting technology and timers; and reduced paper printing by 25% on last year. In 2019-2020 Fuller is introducing a “keep cup” program to cut the use of non-recyclable coffee cups to zero and will move to a green electricity supplier. The company has a policy of supporting local suppliers to reduce carbon miles, and favors sustainable cleaning and printing products.

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