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Fonzarelli Bikes

258 Pulteney Street, Adelaide 5000

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  • Transport solutions
Fonzarelli is an electric scooter and motorbike company that believe in 100% emission free personal transport.

Why Fonzarelli Bikes is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Fonzarelli supports Carbon Neutral Adelaide because the inspiration behind the company is, in part, about how cities can be made more liveable by reducing traffic congestion and cutting emissions.

Electric vehicles can help to create cleaner cities and can significantly improve urban air quality by replacing petrol and diesel cars and bikes that produce a range of toxic pollutants.

Strong government policies and initiatives, such as Carbon Neutral Adelaide, are needed to transition Australia away from petrol and diesel vehicles to electric cars, mopeds, bikes and other electric vehicles.

What Fonzarelli Bikes is doing to reduce carbon emissions

Fonzarelli is working to make our cities more liveable by offering the community solutions to cut emissions and reduce congestion. Small format electric vehicles are a convenient, cost-effective and low-impact solution.

Fonzarelli’s mission is ‘to increase the uptake of electrifying two-wheel machines, while pushing their innovation to the next level. They are Australian owned and operated, riders, innovators and builders, for the future.’ Micro-mobility is a growing trend around the globe, and Fonzarelli believe electric motorcycles and scooters are the way people will be increasingly moving around our city more easily, quickly and cleanly. Younger generations in particular want independence without the expense of owning a car or damage to the environment. The electric scooters and motorbikes offer them both.

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