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Ground Floor, 121 King William Street, Adelaide 5000

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  • Energy systems and solutions
  • Engineering services
A dynamic renewable energy consultancy bringing tailored engineering solutions.

Why Evoegy is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Adelaide is Evoegy’s employees’, and company’s home. The company not only want to contribute to the city’s goal of being carbon neutral, but also want to help Adelaide to be a national and global leader in sustainability.

The Carbon Neutral Adelaide shared ambition to work together and make the City of Adelaide a carbon neutral city aligns with Evoegy’s ethics and ethos, to be part of a localised initiative, in addition to their push toward being beyond carbon neutral, by using carefully select native species of trees nationally.

What Evoegy is doing to reduce carbon emissions

As part of their commitment to invoking positive environmental change, the company contributes a tree for every day a consultant is active on a project. Evoegy also offsets their vehicles and flights annually using Carbon Positive Australia's "Quick Offsets" utility. The company values trees for how they improve air, filter water, provide habitat to over 80% of the world's terrestrial biodiversity, regulate climate, and foster a healthier environment.

Evoegy calculated the number of trees required to sequester carbon, factoring in the different rainfall areas they are growing in, to match their offset capacity to the company's operational footprint. They have selected a donation amount with Carbon Positive to match a conservative estimate, that relates to the areas consultants work in, and are tracking their impact. Evoegy achieved unofficial beyond carbon neutrality as an average at the end of June 2021 with 1,115 carefully selected native species of trees. The company will celebrate when they achieve carbon neutrality with trees growing in low rain and poor soil, with only 2 t CO2e/year to go.

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