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Eureka Environmental Upgrade Finance

Level 9, NAB House, 255 George Street, Sydney 2000
​EEUF is the largest provider of environmental building upgrade finance in Australia.

Why Eureka Environmental Upgrade Finance is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Eureka Real Assets firmly believe that managing environmental risks leads to better returns. As managers of the Eureka Environmental Upgrade Finance (EEUF) debt fund, Eureka Real Assets has over $5 billion of assets under management in Australia. Strongly committed to sustainability and responsible investment, Eureka Real Assets is a member of the Investor Group on Climate Change and the Responsible Investment Association Australasia, and is a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment. This commitment is reflected in advocacy work, upgrades on assets held, the strong Environmental, Social and Governance policy developed and the provision of debt to commercial building owners for building upgrades. 

What Eureka Environmental Upgrade Finance is doing to reduce carbon emissions

EEUF is the largest provider of environmental building upgrade finance in Australia. Committed to providing finance under South Australia’s Building Upgrade Finance (BUF) legislation, EEUF is helping owners of existing commercial buildings upgrade their assets to reduce carbon emissions. Upgrades include becoming more energy efficient, replacing aged HVAC and the installation of solar and battery storage solutions. The BUF uses energy savings from the technology to assist pay back the work over a ten year period at a fixed rate, and so removes the payback, cash flow and capital availability barriers for building owners. 

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