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Emma Sadie Thomson

Ensemble Studios: 94 Gilles St Adelaide SA 5000,

    Service Category:

  • Architecture, design, landscaping, construction
Designing and procuring interior plant installations using locally sourced plants and accessories for improved air quality, wellbeing and productivity.

Why Emma Sadie Thomson is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Emma Sadie Thomson (EST) supports the philosophy of Carbon Neutral Adelaide, and making Adelaide an even more pleasant and sustainable city.

EST was created through a passion for nature and a background in interior and landscape architecture. Offering a unique service in designing and procuring plants and accessories, EST creates green interior spaces.

We help clients to add life and oxygen into their work spaces. Commercial, hospitality and residential services are offered, combining aesthetics with ecosystem services.

What Emma Sadie Thomson is doing to reduce carbon emissions

Emma Sadie Thomson (EST) contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions in the City of Adelaide.

EST’s exterior work involves the provision of ‘green infrastructure’ across the city. These installations provide ecosystem services for the city which includes reducing the urban heat island effect through shading and evapotranspiration and reducing energy used for heating and cooling through building insulation.

Plant installations inside buildings improves indoor air quality by removing harmful volatile organic compounds found in office spaces and oxygenating the environment. Mood, productivity and wellbeing in the work place are improved.

Working with clients to create custom designed plant installations that match the customer’s space, all of EST’s plants and products are locally made and grown, reducing transport emissions associated with procurement.

EST’s maintenance service reduces the need for replacement plants and ensures that plants are growing at their optimum.

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