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52-55 East Terrace, Adelaide 5000

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  • Energy systems and solutions
ElectraNet’s transmission network powers people’s lives by providing safe and future-focused energy and infrastructure solutions.

Why ElectraNet is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Operating sustainably is integral to ElectraNet’s role in the transition to a clean energy future. As a transmission network service provider, ElectraNet is committed to developing, operating and maintaining the network in a way that is sustainable.

With guidance from internationally recognised frameworks, ElectraNet is committed to setting targets, monitoring and reporting our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) sustainability performance, and improving the resilience of the business to climate and other ESG-related risks tailored to the nature and objectives of the business.

For ElectraNet, sustainability means that the future generations of South Australians will benefit from comparable environmental, social and economic conditions.

As a socially responsible corporate, ElectraNet is willing to support the City of Adelaide to become a carbon neutral city.

What ElectraNet is doing to reduce carbon emissions

ElectraNet enables the renewable energy transition through major transmission projects and supports their clean energy-focused customers. The company is actively involved in facing the challenges of climate change and remain committed to reducing their impact on the planet.

Some of the ways the company does this include:

  • Committed to achieving its Net-Zero Scope 1 emissions target by 2040 within their regulatory framework;
  • Monitoring insulator gas loss, repairing and replacing SF6 equipment where possible;
  • Upgrading the vehicle fleet to lower emissions;
  • Utilising reputable and validated carbon offsets, only as required;
  • Facilitating the uptake of new and emerging renewable energy sources via integration with the transmission network;
  • Installing energy-saving lighting systems in occupied sites and offices;
  • Participating in initiatives that contribute to understanding and addressing the impacts of climate change.
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