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Duxton Pubs

7 Pomona Road, Stirling 5152

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  • Events and venues
  • Food and hospitality
Duxton Pubs invests in the Australian hospitality industry, with a specific focus on South Australian pubs, and delivers a food and beverage experience supported by sustainable practices.

Why Duxton Pubs is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Duxton Capital Australia believes that sustainability is key to long-term value creation for investors and pursues sustainability initiatives across its business, including Duxton Pubs. Its portfolio of venues includes 11 hotels owned and operated, with the Lion Hotel and Saracens Head located in North Adelaide and the CBD. The company is committed to implementing sustainable initiatives across front and back of house and developing partnerships with local suppliers that reduce the business’ carbon footprint.

What Duxton Pubs is doing to reduce carbon emissions

Duxton Pubs is supported by a dedicated sustainability team who research and implement best practice initiatives, and focus on implementing sustainable initiatives across both front and back of house.

The company recently partnered with McLaren Vale producer Diane Olive Oil to create a new stainless steel keg designed to eliminate single use plastics from the oil storage and delivery process. Previously, olive oil was delivered in 50 litre plastic drums that were single use. Now, the 1200 litres of olive oil per month will be delivered in reusable kegs, removing the plastic from the waste stream and savings an estimated four tonnes of carbon usage each year.

The venue owners have also implemented an in-house carbonated water system to cut down on bottle and glass use. Management is investigating other methods to cut down food waste in the venues, and have started a base line measurement of greenhouse gas emissions in some portfolio asset classes.

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