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DMAW Lawyers

Level 10, 81 Flinders Street, Adelaide 5000

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  • Legal services
DMAW lawyers are a leading South Australian commercial law firm providing core services of corporate, transactions and disputes since 2002.

Why DMAW Lawyers is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

DMAW lawyers are committed to a brighter future for the environment. Respect for the environment and investing in a more sustainable world is an important factor of how they manage business. They believe reducing carbon emissions is key to the ongoing sustainability of business and community and the company wants to play an active role and believes a commitment has multiple benefits.

DMAW lawyers strive to continually explore and review the sustainability of their business operations by embracing environmentally friendly initiatives that support better use of energy and resources. As part of this, they commit as a Carbon Neutral Adelaide Partner to take action to contribute towards the City of Adelaide becoming a carbon neutral city.

What DMAW Lawyers is doing to reduce carbon emissions

DMAW lawyers have been carbon neutral for 2021/2022 financial year through purchase of carbon credits related to Environmental Planting & Restoration and Indigenous Cool Fire Management, Arnhem land projects. They intend to continue to achieve carbon neutrality each year and educate staff to better understand greenhouse gas emissions and how to assist, at work and at home, to reduce their carbon footprint.

At DMAW Lawyers, waste is reduced to land fill by recycling paper waste, co-mingled recycling, “10c refundable” drink containers, printer cartridges, toners, coffee pods, composting tea bags and some food scraps, along with staff supplied with reusable coffee cups to avoid and limit use of single use coffee cups. Old technology and stationery is repurposed by donating to charities or recycled where unable to be reused and a firm-wide practice of electronic filing was implemented to discourage the use of hardcopy filing. Printing is derived from sustainable resources by using paper that is made from 100% FSC certified material and a default double sided printing setting has been implemented.

DMAW lawyers provide staff with advanced technology to permit better use of online and teleconference meetings rather than travel and power consumption is reduced by utilising timer-controlled air conditioning and office lighting.

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