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Demand Manager is a clean energy financial services firm that assists and guides customers in the creation of funding through environmental certificates.

Why Demand Manager is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Demand Manager fully supports Carbon Neutral Adelaide, having a passionate team that wants to work with like-minded individuals and organisations to make a difference for the whole community. Part of Demand Manager’s mission and makeup is to help individuals, businesses and organisations to lower carbon emissions and create a greener healthier environment. Demand Manager assists clients to create funding and certificates for environmental schemes across Australia, and in South Australia is focused on supporting these schemes to share the benefit with all South Australians.

What Demand Manager is doing to reduce carbon emissions

Demand Manager is a clean energy financial services firm that is one of the largest creators of environmental certificates in Australia. For over 11 years, Demand Manager has helped provide finance for more than 2 million tons of carbon abatement across a variety of project types including solar power installations, HVAC projects, NABERS ratings, energy-efficient lighting upgrades and high star rated appliance sales. Demand Manager has also secured well over $50 million in grants for customers.

In South Australia, Demand Manager is making a difference by providing these services in the residential and commercial area in lighting upgrades and audits via the REES scheme, solar installations and environment certificate creation. Other State and Federal programs Demand Manager has been actively involved in include the VEET Scheme, Green Building Program, Clean Technology Investment Program and the Renewable Energy Target.

Demand Manager is an innovative company that continuously looks at streamlining processes to ensure that the involvement of stakeholders in the different schemes is as smooth as possible. An example is the development of the innovative tablet / phone based ‘LightWork’ application that is available to the market. This app simplifies the collection of evidentiary requirements under the different schemes for commercial lighting projects, and so avoids duplication of data entry, ensures consistency and quality of the documentation collected, and saves all parties involved in the process time.

Visit the Demand Manager website.

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