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2/11-13 French Street, Adelaide 5000
Cundall are committed to a carbon neutral future and were the first consultants to be endorsed globally as a One Planet Company.

Why Cundall is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Cundall are a founding partner of Carbon Neutral Adelaide because they believe that climate change presents an existential threat to human society and that we are already seeing the impacts in Australia and globally. The Paris Agreement established a limit on global warming to well below 2°C but there is a huge disconnect between this and the voluntary commitments made by countries which would see at least a 3°C rise. Cundall believe we need a steep change in how our cities use and generate energy and Cundall, as a One Planet Company, fully supports the City of Adelaide in providing the leadership needed in Australia to deliver a low carbon future. A future where energy demand is reduced and renewable generation and storage provides safe, clean, secure and affordable energy for everyone.

What Cundall is doing to reduce carbon emissions

Cundall are committed to a carbon neutral future. They were the first consultants to be endorsed globally as a One Planet Company in 2012 which included setting challenging targets for zero carbon, zero waste and sustainable transport (business and commuting).  Their sustainability strategy has four cornerstones and they have initiatives geared towards each of these to reduce carbon emissions including:

  • Workplace: monitor and report annually on all CO2 emissions associated with their business including tenancy energy, landlord energy, business travel (flights, trains and cars), staff commuting and waste. The green teams in their offices are committed to identifying and implementing ways to reduce their CO2 emissions.
  • Projects: as building designers this is where they can have a major impact, as leaders in sustainable design in Australia and having delivered over 100 GreenStar™ rated projects. They provide their staff with training on low energy design. Their recently launched Cundall Diploma is a two year course on sustainable design with over 100 staff participating. 
  • Industry Leadership: they actively provide thought leadership in zero carbon solutions including participation in industry committees such as Green Building Council of Australia and R&D projects on reducing the whole carbon footprint of buildings (which started with
  • Homes and communities: they assist their staff to reduce their CO2 emissions at home and regularly donate their skills to charities. 

Visit the Cundall website.