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105/293 Angas Street, Adelaide SA 5000,

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  • Energy systems and solutions
  • Marketing, communications and digital
Crowdy is a social enterprise providing Australian households with low carbon products and services through an online platform to achieve big carbon impacts.

Why Crowdy is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Crowdy supports Carbon Neutral Adelaide in its ambition to create significant carbon emissions reductions by helping the community to understand and take carbon reducing actions.

Crowdy’s mission is to help households to identify and act on changes in their homes and lifestyles that have a substantial impact on climate. Crowdy offers low carbon products/services through a digital platform to make household carbon reduction simple, accessible and mass appeal.

What Crowdy is doing to reduce carbon emissions

Crowdy aims to make it simpler for households to buy trusted and effective low carbon products and services, as a key to lifting the level of carbon action.

Founder Andrew Reilly says “our research shows that making decisions to change behaviour can be hard. We aim to give people the confidence to change and stick with their changes. People want trusted advice and they want to take action in crowds to be sure their effort is worthwhile.”

Crowdy supporters join the digital platform for free to access product offers from Crowdy’s suppliers. Information about consumption rates, product alternatives and expected carbon savings assists purchasers to make decisions.

The initial product categories aligned with impact to household emissions sources are energy, transport, travel, and food. Crowdy provides offers to products in these categories.

Crowdy is promoting businesses who already have great low carbon products or are innovating and building a community of action takers by listening to their needs to decide the best suppliers and products to support.

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