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The Citizens Own Renewable Energy Network Australia Inc (CORENA) help non-profit community organisations who want to reduce their carbon footprint but lack the expertise and up-front capital to do so.

Why CORENA is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

CORENA's primary aim is to help reverse the climate emergency in order to protect us all, and Carbon Neutral Adelaide is an inspiring step in the right direction.

CORENA are supporting the Carbon Neutral Adelaide program of action because they believe it shows how local governments can drive a prompt, effective, and tangible local response to the climate emergency. Globally it is cities and local governments who are taking the lead, achieving real results, while we wait on the major climate policy changes necessary at the national level. Imagine if every city and local government across Australia did the same!

CORENA believe it is particularly encouraging to see the Carbon Neutral Adelaide partnership between state and local government. It illustrates how state governments too can take the lead. In the absence of adequate national policies, within their own jurisdiction state governments can implement climate policies that better reflect the need for urgent climate action.

View a video of Margaret Hender from CORENA being interviewed about Carbon Neutral Adelaide.

What CORENA is doing to reduce carbon emissions

CORENA help non-profit community organisations who want to reduce their carbon footprint but lack the expertise and up-front capital to do so. They advise on the best combination of solar and energy efficiency measures to suit their client’s needs and offer an interest-free loan to cover the cost.

CORENA’s Quick Win project loans are paid back just out of the resultant savings on power bills, so loan recipients reduce their carbon emissions without diverting any of their scarce funds away from their core purpose, and once the loan is fully repaid they enjoy the full benefit of having much lower operating costs. Repaid amounts go directly back into a revolving fund and help fund subsequent CORENA projects.

CORENA Quick Win projects are funded via donations, so also provide a way for climate-concerned citizens to reduce Australia's overall carbon emissions beyond what they can do via their own lifestyle changes.

CORENA themselves generate almost no carbon emissions since they are run entirely by volunteers and have no office space. They operate almost entirely online and via email, and rarely travel or hold physical events.

Visit the CORENA website.

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