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​Conservation SA combines lobbying with hands on activities and organising to kick-start the conversations the community needs to have about carbon, climate and nature.

Why Conservation Council SA is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Conservation SA believes that climate change is an enormous threat to South Australia and a challenge to the ‘business as usual’ mindset. As a peak environmental organisation, Conservation SA’s role is to represent member groups’ shared concerns and advocate for the state to move rapidly away from fossil fuels.

Conservation SA believes that South Australia has made great strides in the uptake of renewable energy and is brilliantly placed to create a niche as a global leader in climate-friendly and creative community responses as part of a global energy revolution. To become the world’s first carbon-neutral city, Adelaide will need to quickly employ different ways of powering homes and moving around, as well as take on the broader responsibilities of the state’s total carbon emissions and carbon exports.

What Conservation Council SA is doing to reduce carbon emissions

Conservation SA combines lobbying with hands on activities and organising to kick-start the conversations the community needs to have about carbon, climate and nature. Conservation SA has organised Adelaide’s biggest climate rallies, a Future Transport Festival, the Caring for Our Climate street art project, community energy workshop ‘Renewables for All’ run with the Coalition for Community Energy, multiple public forums with renewable energy experts, Professor Mark Diesendorf and Giles Parkinson, and the ‘New Jobs in a Transforming Economy’ forum. Conservation SA also commissioned an expert report demonstrating a pathway to 100% renewables for South Australia and has supported community action against the development and exploitation of fossil fuels in the state.

Conservation SA’s Franklin Street bus depot has been reworked to reduce energy consumption and the Depot Collective Café is a climate friendly social enterprise using induction cooktops, limited plastic use and minimal food waste. Conservation SA’s Joinery community centre in the heart of the city is also being made less reliant on fossil fuels, and is a central meeting place for community climate action groups such as the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, Climate Action Network Australia, Solar Citizens and over 60 other groups.

In 2016 Conservation SA launched a green energy demonstration project, linking a 13kW Tindo solar system to Z-Cell zinc bromide batteries that charge Adelaide’s first hybrid electric GoGet share car. The project reduces emissions and demonstrates to the public what these building systems can look like and deliver for the user, and was assisted by the City of Adelaide’s Sustainable City Incentive Scheme and the SA Government.

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