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Shop 31, The Piazza Centre, 26 – 36 South Terrace, Fremantle 6160

    Service Category:

  • Education
  • Sustainability and carbon consultancy
  • Technology, IT and Audiovisual
ClimateClever is an app-based data-driven program to help individuals, schools, businesses and homes measure, monitor and reduce their carbon footprint.

Why ClimateClever is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

ClimateClever provides individuals, schools, businesses and organisations with the tools, skills and inspiration to take meaningful action towards creating a low carbon future. Everyone has the responsibility and capability to act, but sometimes we just need a little help in knowing where to start. ClimateClever's online platform provides a data-driven and evidence-based way to measure, monitor, reduce and offset carbon footprints and engage people in the process. Most importantly, it captures the impact from actions taken. Together we can make a big difference!

What ClimateClever is doing to reduce carbon emissions

As well as assisting schools, homes and businesses to reduce emissions, ClimateClever implement actions in the workplace to reduce their own emissions.

ClimateClever purchase 100% GreenPower for their office, eliminating electricity-based emissions. ClimateClever are also a paperless organisation and have that many waste streams, it causes slight anxiety amongst new staff. In addition, practical measures are taken, such as opting for natural ventilation (i.e. windows) over mechanical AC, and natural daylight over artificial light, where possible. Teleconferencing is preferred over flights, but when required to travel all flights are offset. Staff are also encouraged to catch public transport to work, ride bikes or walk.

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