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  • Waste solutions and circular economy
BioBag World Australia offer sustainable solutions to customers by providing compostable alternatives to plastic bags and films.

Why BioBag World is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

BioBag World Australia is conscious of the impact its business processes can have on carbon emissions. The business promotes the reduction of organic waste to landfill by endorsing sustainable practices with the use of compostable products, helping to reduce emissions from landfill. The BioBag team are motivated to continue the reduction of their carbon footprint and are proud to be supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide.

What BioBag World is doing to reduce carbon emissions

BioBag products assist in the reduction of carbon emissions as they are compostable and can be disposed of with organic waste rather than into landfill. In SA this organic waste is then manufactured into compost, making them a circular economy solution for plastic alternatives.

In 2019, BioBag was involved in the development and supply of a compostable cucumber wrap for the fruit and vegetable industry, a first of its kind which gained international attention.

BioBag also provides other plastic alternatives such as compostable coffee knock tube liners for coffee retailers, allowing the coffee grounds to be easily composted. BioBag is part of The Human Beans™ – Grounds for Good project, where Foodbank SA collect used coffee grounds from a major takeaway coffee retailer, using BioBags coffee knock tube liners, for composting into a soil fertiliser.

BioBag continues to look at its processes and implement ideas to reduce its carbon footprint. Customer orders are packed in compostable satchels rather than plastic and are picked up every second day by postal services to reduce the amount of transport required to service their business. BioBag are committed to finding ways to reduce their carbon footprint further.

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