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BB Architects

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  • Architecture, design, landscaping, construction
  • Building and civic products
  • Sustainability and carbon consultancy
Conscious building design for minimal environmental impact and healthier buildings, specialising in heritage buildings and new residential architecture.

Why BB Architects is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Architects and the construction industry have a significant role to play in how we relate to our environment, understanding the impacts of product and material selection, and how to lessen the impact of our buildings and our lives on the planet.

BB Architects is a small inner-city practice working on heritage buildings and new residential architecture. Passionate about advocating for the adaptive reuse of old buildings and designing elegant, climate responsive and energy efficient buildings, BB Architects not only offers environmentally conscious solutions to clients, but leads by example in this field

What BB Architects is doing to reduce carbon emissions

Specialising in conservation and heritage work, BB Architects believe that retaining existing building stock where possible, rather than demolishing older buildings deemed past their useful life, is an important part of saving energy and building materials, and reducing construction waste. The embodied energy in existing buildings is significant and should be recognised as both an economic and sustainable benefit.

BB Architects aim to make all designs site, climate and context responsive as well as energy efficient, while still displaying a strong contemporary design intent. Material waste and the impact of material selections on the environment is considered and well managed.

BB Architects environmentally conscious office incorporates indoor plants throughout the workspace, providing an inspiring and healthy environment. This green focus is shared with clients and is incorporated in designs where possible. Being on the fringe of Adelaide’s central business district, bicycles are utilised for most inner city and city fringe meetings.

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