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Australian CleanTech are focused on enabling the growth of the low carbon economy.

Why Australian CleanTech is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Since 2007, Australian CleanTech’s purpose and operations have been entirely focussed on enabling the growth of the low carbon economy. Their work finds, assists and promotes the most promising clean technology solutions that drive both reduced emissions and other environmental benefits whilst delivering economically viable projects.

In Adelaide, they have provided a forum for showcasing solutions and enabling collaboration through the Adelaide CleanTech Network since 2008.

What Australian CleanTech is doing to reduce carbon emissions

Cleantech incorporate the industries of the future: the growth of the sector will drive jobs, investment and trade. Cleantech companies deliver both 'Economic and Environmental Benefits'. Their growth will be driven by the fact that they offer more efficient, more profitable and more sustainable ways of doing business.

Australian CleanTech are a corporate advisory firm that hold a unique position in the Australian market.

Clients include:

  • Growth Companies including Alumni companies of the Australian Technologies Competition mentoring program, members of the Australian CleanTech Cluster and 9000 attendees of the Australian CleanTech Network
  • Australian Industry seeking step-change operational improvements through innovation sourcing.
  • Asian Importers, such as LG Chemical, seeking strategic advice and connections for market entry.
  • Investors seeking infrastructure or technology investments in energy, water or environmental technologies.
  • Governments seeking green growth and economic development advice and program delivery.

Visit the Australian CleanTech website.

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