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Aristore provides eco-friendly and bioethanol fuelled open fireplaces for domestic, commercial and multi-storey applications.

Why Aristore is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Aristore recognises the need for a non-toxic renewable alternative to traditional heating energy sources that doesn’t compromise on lifestyle and design. Aristore provides bioethanol open fire solutions for domestic, commercial and multi-storey applications, believing that the environment does not need to be impacted to achieve effective and efficient comfort. As an advocate of the importance of green initiatives in the built environment for a sustainable future, Aristore is excited to support Carbon Neutral Adelaide.

What Aristore is doing to reduce carbon emissions

Aristore works with architects, designers, builders and home owners to provide eco-friendly open fireplaces that produce a beautiful warmth and ambience using the cleanest, most efficient fuel source on the market: bioethanol. Bioethanol is a renewable and low carbon fuel source that provides a natural flame without the mess and toxic environmental pollutants of traditional wood or gas open fires. The installation of flues is not required enabling all the heat produced to be retained in the room. These fireplaces also have no installation restrictions, on-going maintenance or utility connections, lowering running costs. Aristore’s open fire solutions have been incorporated into residential and commercial applications within Adelaide and the surrounding suburbs, including restaurants, hospitality venues, apartments, homes and outdoor living spaces.

Aristore’s own operations also reflect a commitment to sustainability. All electricity usage is completely offset by solar panels which also feed back to the grid in surplus. In striving towards a paperless office, administration processes e.g. accounts, information sharing, invoices, receipts and brochures are digital. Recycling and waste reduction is also a primary goal in the office, storage and kitchen areas with re-use of packaging and cartons in our supply process and composting of food scraps.

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