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​Anvil Capital works closely with consultant teams to upgrade buildings’ environmental performance and in turn reducing carbon emissions.

Why Anvil Capital is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

With commercial and apartment buildings accounting for half the City’s carbon emissions, the real estate industry has a responsibility to cut carbon emissions and has the scale and tools to effect significant change. Since acquiring 1 King William Street in 2010, Anvil Capital has been dedicated to transforming the property into the city’s exemplar for environmental sustainability. Anvil Capital hopes that the building’s high-profile location and iconic address will bring greater attention to the importance of sustainable buildings. With up to 70% of Adelaide office buildings more than 30 years old, 1 King William Street can also act as a striking example to local developers and owners that improving the environmental performance of older buildings is not only worthwhile but critical.

What Anvil Capital is doing to reduce carbon emissions

Anvil Capital works closely with consultant teams to upgrade buildings’ environmental performance and in turn reducing carbon emissions. This is achieved by leveraging off the embedded energy infrastructure within the existing building and using the latest technologies to deliver ‘clean’ energy during the building’s daily functions to dramatically reduce the building's annual yearly energy use.

Anvil Capital focuses on four distinct areas to reduce carbon emissions:

  1. Replace old energy hungry plant with the latest energy efficient and reliable plant available
  2. Mitigate or subdue adverse outside environmental conditions that can lead to high energy use - most importantly reducing heat transfer into the building
  3. Develop and deploy new algorithms and control strategies to run the building more efficiently
  4. Install and manage low carbon and renewable on-site energy generation.

Some of the more leading-edge elements of Anvil Capital’s upgrade programme at 1 King William Street include:

  • An onsite gas fired power station and trigeneration system
  • Roof mounted solar array
  • A facade protection and insulation system
  • An advanced building management system with bespoke algorithms linked to the buildings own weather station, solar facade sensors and Bureau of Metrology weather forecasts that controls all aspects of building plant and tenancy blinds
  • Azzo energy management tracking and ongoing auditing.

One aim of the 1 King William Street project is to show-case a refurbishment approach to existing buildings as a viable alternative to demolition and rebuild, thus preserving Adelaide’s existing building heritage, character and sense of place. At the same time this approach must deliver improved building performance to meet the environmental comfort and low running cost expectations of current ‘blue- chip’ tenants. This pragmatic approach, applied in a city-wide context, has the potential to contribute significantly to a Carbon Neutral Adelaide.

Visit the Anvil Capital website.

Partner of the Year 2017 winner at the Carbon Neutral Adelaide Awards. Click here to read about their achievements.

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