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Allume Energy is an energy company targeting the challenges of behind-the-meter solar for apartment buildings and retail centres.

Why Allume Energy is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Carbon Neutral Adelaide is taking a lead in encouraging and aiding organisations in reducing their carbon footprint and helping to reduce the city’s contributions to climate change. Solar energy is a big part of this initiative as it’s one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of reducing carbon emissions. As Allume Energy is producing hardware that can share the power generated from a single solar system to multiple, separately metered units within the same building – they are delighted to join the initiative and look forward to partnering to help achieve the goal of a Carbon Neutral Adelaide.

What Allume Energy is doing to reduce carbon emissions

Allume Energy manufacture a product that can share the power generated from a single solar system to multiple, separately metered units within the same building. The behind-the-meter solution opens up a new solar market for apartment buildings and retail centres. Solar energy is an effective and cost-effective way of significantly reducing both the ever-increasing energy bills and, importantly, the carbon footprint of a building. Allume’s SolShare technology unlocks this opportunity to the multi-metered market. By installing SolShare systems on apartments and businesses across the City of Adelaide, the company aims to measurably reduce the electricity bills and carbon emissions of apartments and businesses. Allume Energy are very excited about being a partner of Carbon Neutral Adelaide and working closely to help achieve the goal of a greener, healthier, Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Case Studies

Webinar: Shared solar for apartments and commercial properties

August 2020. This session explored new possibilities for solar power for Adelaide apartments and multi-storey commercial buildings, where strata, landlords and tenants can share benefits. Includes case studies and connections information.

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