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Alerton Australia

Alerton Australia designs and installs building control systems to improve energy efficiency, ensuring comfort, cost effectiveness and productivity.

Why Alerton Australia is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Alerton Australia is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide, having designed and installed building control systems in Adelaide for more than a decade. Alerton Australia know a well-designed building control system can deliver triple bottom line results: reducing the operating costs for buildings, lowering outgoings for tenants, improving asset value for building owners through improved NABERS ratings, and reducing carbon emissions. Working in both new buildings and cost effectively retro-fitting existing buildings, Alerton Australia has seen energy reductions of more than 20% delivered for many Adelaide buildings.

What Alerton Australia is doing to reduce carbon emissions

Alerton understands the commercial value of energy efficiency improvements in the built environment. By working collaboratively with building owners and occupants, Alerton Australia uncovers ways to improve energy use without sacrificing occupant comfort. The experienced service engineers work closely with facility managers to analyse current energy consumption trends, investigate abnormalities in the performance of the building and review the operating equipment to understand the optimum operating parameters for each item. This enables improvements to be found and operating costs reduced. From direct experience, Alerton Australia knows that improving the indoor comfort conditions of staff results in a happier workplace, reduced illness and absence, as well as gains in productivity.