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Carbon Neutral Adelaide Awards 2021 Photo Gallery

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Christie Walk Community members with Minister Hon David Speirs and Lord Mayor City of Adelaide, Sandy Verschoor.

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Makerspace, finalists in Circular Economy category award

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Uniting Communities, Business Leadership Winnes

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Suntrix winners of Energy & the Built Environment Achievement Awards, for CBD shared solar project.

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Nominees for Carbon Neutral Adelaide Awards, 2021

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Monica Oliphant, Awards Judge

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Hither & Yon Wines, first certified carbon neutral winery in SA.

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Vaughan Levitzke, Awards Judge.

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Io Energy - joint winners for Innovation for a Low Carbon Economy (Start-up)

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Minister for Energy and Water, Hon. David Speirs presents "Partners' Choice Winner" to University of Adelaide.

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Aron Hausler, Office of the Chief Entrepreneur

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Carbon Neutral Adelaide Awards

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The Carbon Neutral Adelaide Awards celebrate the contributions by Carbon Neutral Adelaide Partners to our shared aspiration for the City of Adelaide to become a carbon neutral city.

Congratulations to the winners and finalists of the third biennial Carbon Neutral Adelaide Awards, presented on 30 November 2021.

Community Leadership

Christie Walk setting the pace for low carbon urban Precincts

Business Leadership

Uniting Communities honoured for low carbon business leadership

Innovation for a Low Carbon Economy

Hydrogen blending and time of use pricing recognised for low carbon innovation in Adelaide

Achievement in Energy & Built Environment

Suntrix and Allume unlocking shared solar for the apartment blocks in City of Adelaide

Achievement in Circular Economy

South Australian rye straws and University of Adelaide taking strides to a circular economy

Achievement in Transport

Battery electric land cruiser developed in Adelaide recognised for under-ground ready potential

Download the 2021 Winners and Finalists Booklet - Ushering in a Low Carbon Economy